To kick off the blog posts I want to start by talking about why Strength Disciple.

The problem

When I started training seriously in late 2012, the first year just went by being overwhelmed with the amount of resources available online and sifting through what seemed to be endless amount of false information. Unfortunately that turned out to be the reality; so many sites pushing their shortcut product before scientific knowledge. This is a big issue as a lot of people get into fitness thinking this information is correct and understandably so since the way it is provided seems as if its coming from a good place. However they quickly realise they’re not making any progress or it seems as if it’s not working altogether and they blame themselves, because how can information on fitness be incorrect, right? Wrong! They and I both were given ‘cookie-cutter’ advice that give temporary results.

Be the change

So I set out to wanting to change that and I started with myself. I collected all the scientifically backed resources in books, online and in videos. I learnt it all and applied it to myself to see how it works. Once I had the theoretical and practical foundation laid down I went enrolled in almost every course available at the most respected health and fitness institute; Premier Training International. Studied under some of the best coaches with fellow ambitious aspiring trainers. And we killed it to say the least.

Start with why

Bring all that together and with almost 5 years of always trying and still continuing to be a better person and athlete, we are now here. Being slightly ahead of the curve does not mean leaving those still learning behind you. It means being benevolent and passing on what you have learnt through your trials and tribulations. This journey has taught me a lot and I know it will teach me much more. That is my why; I want others to experience what strength has shown me.

Put in work and walk on.
Until next time.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


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